Marj Ratel

KBNF / KBF Founder, KBF President, Project Chair; Chair of Volunteer and Promotions, Medical Missions and Project Work

Aaron Fedora

KBNF, KBF, Excellence in Africa Neuroscience Foundation - Board of Directors

John B. Sampson

KBNF - Chair of Research
Global Institute of Perioperative Care - President

Danny Moe

KBNF, KBF - Board of Directors
KBF - Vice-President

Roger Amenyogbe

KBNF – Ghana – Canada Liaison

Colin Kellner

KBNF, KBF, and Excellence - Finance Chair and Treasurer

Rich Baerg

KBNF - Board of Director, Member of Project Management

Kojo Asante

KBF – Founder, Board of Directors
KBNF - Director Emeritus

Ross Dickinson

KBNF, Excellence - Board of Directors, Member - Project Management

Alfred Lutterodt

KBNF Board of Director – Resident of Canada & Ghana

Samuel Ampem

KBNF - Board of Director- Resident in Ghana

Rose Woller

Executive Committee
KBNF - Director of Operations

John Mwotassubi

KBNF – Warehouse Manager

Sharon Cameron

KBNF, KBF, Excellence - Executive Assistant, Bookkeeper

Dave Gonyea

Excellence – Board of Directors

Paul King

Neurosurgeon – Metro, Atlanta, Georgia
KBNF – Board of Directors, Mission Leader

Kristina Faulkner

Executive Committee - Training and Education

Derek Agyapong-Poku

KBNF, KBF, Excellence - Board of Directors, Member of Financial Committees KBNF - Vice President

Jocelyne S. Lapointe

KBNF/ KBF - Secretary
KBNF - Chair of Education

Brad Ratel

KBNF Board of Directors and Lead Foreman Shipping

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