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Diamond Delivery

In addition to funding, Diamond Delivery transports medical equipment and supplies throughout British Columbia, playing a crucial role in the supply chain between North America and West Africa.

University of British Columbia

UBC provides neuro specialty training and education for West African doctors and participates in KBNF neurosurgery missions

John Hopkins University and Hospital

John Hopkins partners in university program development, education and training, and also participates in KBNF neurosurgery missions

G4 Alliance

KBNF is a founder and permanent council member of the G4 Alliance, which works to deliver safe surgery worldwide

Vancouver Coastal Health

VCH provide crucial medical equipment along with education and training

K Bro Linen Systems

K Bro Linen provides hospital linen for West African hospitals and clinics

Health Shared Services BC

HSSBC provides medical equipment and consumables for West African patients and health workers

Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation Also Partners With


  • Korle Bu Teaching Hospital (KBTH) — Situated in Accra, Ghana, the nation’s capital, is Korle Bu Teaching Hospital — the national university hospital for Ghana. Founded in 1923 by Sir Gordon Guggisberg, Canadian born and revered British foreign governor, KBTH serves West African nations as a regional centre of care, education and training, and research. KBNF produced the Master Plan and Program for a Emergency & Clinical Specialties Centre in collaboration with KBTH Administration and the Ministry of Health in 2009. KBNF conducted annual Neuroscience 2 day conferences hosted by KBTH. Attendees participated from across the country. KBTH was the recipient of fourteen shipments of medical equipment and supplies.
  • Korle-Bu Neuroscience Clubs — Founded by McGill University students, Korle-Bu Neuroscience Clubs have been established to serve in 7 universities in North America and Sierra Leone. They serve to support student’s professional and personal development while raising awareness within the university system of neuroscience advancement in West Africa. Students participate in KBNF project work, fundraising and missions. Ms. Sayena Tajdini, President of the University of British Columbia, welcomes UBC students to join their club.
  • Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation — Ghana  The Ghana sister organization was established in 2002 in Accra, Ghana. Their aim is in establishing a high quality neuroscience centre of excellence at KBTH.
  • Montreal Neurological Institute — A medical centre dedicated to neuroscience, they are committed to supporting neurology education and training as well as research developments. Multidisciplinary teams of basic and clinical scientists generate fundamental information about the nervous system and apply that knowledge to understanding and treating neurological diseases. KBNF collaborated with MNI, Toronto General Hospital and the National Research Council of Canada in launching the first neurosurgery stimulator research study held at the University of Ghana College of Health Sciences in 2011.
  • University of Ghana, College of Health Sciences (UGCHS) — Situated at KBTH and on the main university campus in East Legon, the College of Health Sciences serves core competencies in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, public health, allied health sciences, and biomedical research. KBNF supports neuro specialty education and training. The College of Health Sciences Hospital’s conceptual, functional and master plans and programs development involved the dynamic partnership of KBNF, CHS and the Ghana Ministry of Health.
  • Ghana Canada Association of British Columbia — A Memorandum of Understanding (2006) exists with the Ghana Canada Association of British Columbia that recognizes the collaboration in improving the delivery of medical care and specifically neuroscience to the people of Ghana and West Africa. Mr. Roger Amenyogbe serves as the current GCABC and KBNF Liaison.
  • Institute of Global Perioperative Care – IGPC is an affiliate of John Hopkins Global Alliance of Perioperative Professionals (GAPP). This organization is dedicated to the identification of practical and methodical interventions that will result in sustainable improvements in “Safe Surgical Care” in low and middle income countries globally. Founding members include surgeons, anesthesiologists, and nurses with decades of experience in global surgical care. President Dr. John Sampson, Neuro-anesthesiologist, John Hopkins Hospital. And KBNF Board of Director partners together in medical missions, specialty neuro and critical care education and training, and equipment acquisition. It serves as KBNF’s American affiliate, providing tax receipts for American donations for KBNF (Canada) West Africa project development.
  • Ghana Canada Nurses Association of British Columbia — The association began partnering with KBNF in 2010, volunteering in nursing advisory support. Many of their members were trained at KBTH.
  • Sonubtha International — Nursing Alumni consisting of graduates from the University of Benin Teaching Hospital School of Nursing, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria living abroad. The association began partnering with KBNF in 2010, volunteering in nursing advisory support, including documentation development. The University of Benin Teaching Hospital neurosurgery department is a designated KBNF medical mission hospital support project.
  • Canadian High Commission — Accra, Ghana — Provides liaison and networking support for KBNF and KBTH within Ghana, West Africa and Canada.
  • Ghanaian High Commission — Ottawa, Canada — Since 2001, the Ghanaian High Commission has partnered with KBNF in project developments, including personal financial support by staff members and High Commissioners. Washington, D.C. Ghana Embassy joined in project fundraising 2007.
  • Builders without Borders — Builders without Borders spearheaded and funded the original 2004 Project Brief Neuroscience Centre of Exellence architectural development. Currently, Builders without Borders and KBNF are exploring a partnership in the proposed construction of a KBNF – Rick’s Heart Foundation Legacy Center including KBNF warehousing facility in Vancouver, BC.
  • Canadian High Commission to Nigeria — Collaboration in project development and relationship building.
  • Mary Polak, MLA, Opposition House Leader — Mary Polak hosted KBNF when the organization donated its first ambulance to West Africa from the steps of the Victoria Legislature. 
  • Langley-Aldergrove Member of Parliament, Mark Warawa — Before his passing, Mark Warawa supported KBNF in many ways over 15 years, including introducing staff to top government officials, endorsing the foundation publicly, and raising support. Though he has since passed, his influence remains significant.

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