Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation Makes Medical Miracles—for those who need them most

This year more than 5 million patients are suffering with no access to qualified neurosurgeons. They have...

No surgical recourse for otherwise operable brain tumours and spinal injuries

No hope for medical intervention after suffering a serious stroke

No support for common but devastating ailments like hydrocephalus or epilepsy

We want to change that. That's why we have...

Performed more than 200 neuroscience surgeries, helped more than 600 neuroscience patients, and supported 10,000 others seeking medical care.

Partnered globally to facilitate construction of a $230 Million USD modern hospital in Ghana, the best in the region.

Shipped at least 38 containers of medical equipment overseas, transporting an estimated retail value of $17,100,000.

Directly supported 10 neurosurgeons, and trained more than 2000 local nurses, medics, and local health workers.

Supported 19 hospitals and health centres in the four West African countries of Liberia, Nigeria, Ghana and Sierra Leone.

Operated eight ongoing programs, including compassionate care training, anesthesia & critical care education, and more.

“Thank you for saving the life of my son”

Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation is a charity saving lives by tackling the most complicated health conditions: brain and spine. Because of our partnerships around the world, every donated dollar multiplies in impact 40 times over.

Want to make a difference?

How We Do It

We're Experts

Our team is comprised of elite medical professionals with extensive neuroscience expertise, who donate their time for medical missions and surgeries in West Africa

We're Local

We establish partnerships with local hospitals, governments, NGOs, and healthcare authorities, working in tandem with locals in order to enhance the services they already have.

We Invest

We support neuroscience specialists and other healthcare workers in their home countries, offering education, training, and funding to enhance and expand expertise on the ground.

We Measure

We are committed to making a measurable difference, documenting our work with medical precision and purpose.

We Collaborate

We work on breakthrough research projects with academics to help make healthcare better and more effective to save lives.

We Recycle

We collect and recycle donations of quality medical equipment from North American hospitals for regions in desperate need.

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