“To alleviate the suffering of West Africans with a special focus on those affected by diseases of the brain and spine and to address related health care issues.”

KBNF is a registered charity with a global reach. Our primary focus is in providing medical support for brain injuries and diseases for the people of Ghana and West Africa. We are committed to supporting health care infrastructure for the region by partnering with West African champions in the development of sustainable neuroscience and health care delivery. We support neuro specialist education and training for the doctors, nurses and other health care professionals who work in their homelands. We are committed to the establishment of a neuro rehabilitation service in Ghana focused primarily on delivering rehabilitation for stroke patients. We believe that a basic requirement of sustainable health care is Heart Power, caring with your heart, caring with compassion.


KBNF's projects include medical missions, educational support, research, shipping, project management & planning.

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KBNF functions entirely by volunteer service & donations. Donate, Become a Member & Volunteer.

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KBNF's mission is "to enhance the delivery of quality brain and spinal medical care in Ghana and West Africa", which we have been fulfilling since 2000.

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Our Partners

  • Compassionate Resource Warehouse (CRW): A Victoria-based humanitarian aide and shipping charity, the CRW team helps us ship our containers of medical supplies and humanitarian aide across the oceans to West Africa.
  • The G4 Alliance: Is an international alliance of charitable and humanitarian organizations, whose purpose is to increase access to safe surgery for all, regardless of demographic, and geographical area.

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Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation is a Canadian medical Charity dedicated to developing Brain & Spinal care, education and medical equipment support in West Africa. Volunteer run, donations to Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation make a maximum impact overseas.

  • I am just reflecting on the developmental needs of Ghana and decided to look up Sir Guggisberg’s achievement in the Gold Coast and the foundations he laid for the country we now call Ghana. I am overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude for the vision of one man which keeps growing year after year. Thank you for keeping this up.
  • Best Doc ever! Thanks again Dr. KING FOR SAVING MY LIFE! I STILL HAVE 7 LIVES LEFT, RIGHT?

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