Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation works with national governments and local partners to develop neuroscience care in West Africa.

Millions of people are suffering without access to brain and spinal surgeries. But you can help.


We perform brain and spinal surgeries for those with no other hope.


We deliver medical equipment to hospitals and health centres on the front lines.


We equip local neurosurgeons and health workers through training and education.

Samuel's Story

“I feel loved by KBNF's supporters ... I think they saved my life”

Life was stacked against eight-year-old Samuel from day one. He was born with multiple skull and facial defects, resulting in a deformity so big and painful that it obstructed little Samuel’s vision, and would soon result in certain death. But thanks to donors like you, a team of KBNF neurosurgeons saved his life!

The Need For Neuroscience is Critical

While the US and Canada have 1 neurosurgeon for every 69,000 people... Africa has one neurosurgeon for every 2,028,000 people. Liberia has only two neurosurgeons for the entire country of 5.3 million people. But we're making a difference. Learn how here.

We Need Your Help To Save Lives.

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