June Juicy News 2013

Dear KBNF family and friends,

KBNF has been in a flurry of activity for months now. Whether shipping hospital equipment and supplies, participating in conferences and conducting mission trips as well as partnering in the establishment of advanced neuroscience and medical services, our team is fully engaged. Now for juicy news!

Our internal auditor last June identified our 12 top goals as “lofty”. He was right. Why? Because accomplishing these goals on the surface would appear daunting neigh unto impossible considering our projected financial resources. On review in January, we were delighted to realize that 11 of our top goals were works well in progress or completed. How? Because of our dedicated team.

I was having coffee with our Canadian High Commissioner, Her Excellency Mrs. Trudy Kernigan, recently and shared that if it weren’t for unwavering champions in Ghana and West Africa, of which we are blessed with several, establishing transformative North American standard health care in many respects would be insurmountable. Thankfully, that is not the case.

The phone rang. It was Dr. Gladstone Kessie. Gladstone is the Medical Director of Mt. Olives Hospital and founder of the under construction Mt. Olives Hospital Foundation, serving the people of Brong Ahafo Region. His reputation of serving the rural people at reduced costs is well appreciated. Providing free medical care for those in need is a priority for this gentle doctor. He is in Israel for 2 weeks, studying hospital systems management. He was excited to share how incredibly Israel has mastered health care delivery, hospitals, and farming techniques. Fruits, vegetables, flowers, they are all growing in abundance in a previously desolate land. “Why can’t we do this back home?” he passionately cried. My sentiments exactly. Gladstone believes he will never be the same. His vision for Ghana has just undergone transformative change . . . for the better . . . for Ghana.

The Ghana Association of Radiologists in collaboration with The Faculty of Radiology and the Ghana College of Physicians and Surgeons & West Africa College of Surgeons held the Inaugural Neuroradiology Conference June 3 – 5th in Accra. KBNF Board of Directors and participants, Drs. Paul King and Jocelyne Lapointe, lectured on several topics including neuro-anatomy, spinal trauma, cranial nerve evaluation and imaging and orbital neoplasia.

Dr. Jocelyne Lapointe, Korle Bu Teaching Hospital (KBTH) Visiting Radiology Consultant will be returning to Vancouver, as she concludes her tenure in Ghana this August. Much appreciation goes to her brother, Yves Lapointe, who managed her home and legal responsibilities. Yves will be returning home to Montreal.

It is the mutual desire of KBNF, the KBTH Administration to introduce the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital Director of Nursing, Mrs. Victoria Aku Quaye to contemporary Canadian nursing care delivery. We mutually agree that exposure to Western Canada’s premiere centres will be extremely valuable in accelerating nursing advancement in Ghana. It is anticipated that adoption of many components of contemporary nursing care, nursing resources and administrative management practices may result. Join us in welcoming Victoria to Vancouver this summer. This will be her first Canadian visit.

Watch for more news, including my May visit to Ghana!!

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