In Memoriam

Monica King
November 17, 1953 - August 12, 2018

Monica's Legacy

Monica King passed away quietly at home during her night’s sleep after a valiant battle with cancer and multiple sclerosis. In spite of the challenges, Monica kept her zest for life and for her Lord.

Monica was the love of Paul’s life. I seldom meet a married couple as in love as they were. After more than 40 years they were more in love than the day they wed. This was one of those amazing marriages, truly made in heaven. Monica also managed her husband’s neurosurgery practice for many years. Being the proud mother of three sons and a grandmother were the icing on her cake.

Monica joined our Board along with her husband after serving on an international mission to Nigeria and Ghana in 2009. On that trip she was in charge of the accompanying operating room supplies and knew exactly which suitcase or bag a particular item was located in when an urgent call came. Monica was blessed with a terrific sense of humor. A perpetual smile and a chuckle or giggle were always close by.

Each spring for several years, the Kings would open their home to me while I attended the annual Ghana Association of Physicians and Surgeons Foundation meetings held in Atlanta. One particular year, Monica and I spent the wee hours of the morning enthusiastically spray-painting flower pots to decorate her back porch. Unknowingly, the paint fumes wafted up into the bedroom wreaking havoc with Paul’s sleep. Thankfully, Paul recovered and Monica exploited the full potential of her porch. From that year on, they thoroughly enjoyed a Garden of Eden.

We join with Paul as he deeply grieves the loss of his wife. Monica will be laid to rest next Tuesday in Atlanta, Georgia.

Marj Ratel
Founder and President
Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation

Paul and Monica have requested that any donations in her honor be made to KBNF.

While we are unable to provide individual U.S. donors with a tax receipt, your donation is deeply appreciated and will be used to honor Monica's heart for West Africa.