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A neuroscience staff nurse at Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) since 1978, Marjorie Ratel is a strong advocate for access to quality health care in developing countries and is spearheading a project to help improve healthcare in West Africa. She possesses a tenacious drive to improve the lives of others and a natural aptitude for inspiring key figures and organizations to support her vision.

Marj RatelPresident, Board Chair

Mr. Derek Agyapong-Poku joined KBNF in July 2003 as the Chair of Finance until July 2007. He then took a position as the Canada Ghana Liaison, a position he held while in Ghana for a year. He served as the President of Excellence in Africa Neuroscience, Canada and the Vice President of Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation from 2009-2013. Derek received his MBA in 2002 from McGill University, in Montreal, Canada, with a concentration in Strategic Management and Finance. After completing a degree in Business Administration, Accounting from the University of Ghana in 1992, he pursued two professional accounting qualifications in London, England.

Derek Agyapong-PokuVice President

Raised and educated in French in Quebec, Jocelyne Lapointe comes to the Korle-Bu team with 30 years of experience in clinical Neuroradiology at the Vancouver General Hospital, including a five-year term as Head of the division of Neuroradiology in the department of Radiology at the University of British Columbia.

In addition to her teaching and clinical duties, Jocelyne made major contributions to the functional design of the original VGH Neuroradiology section, opened in 1979, and to the new Radiology department, opened in 1999. Because of this expertise, in 2005 she was asked to work with Vancouver architects on the concept plans for the Korle-Bu Neuroscience Centre to be built in Accra, Ghana, under the guidance of the Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation. Jocelyne joined the Executive Committee of the Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation in 2006, as secretary. KBNF Chair of Education and Training since 2009, she is also active on numerous other KBNF committees — a task made easier since her retirement from the hospital and university in December 2007.

Jocelyne LapointeSecretary

Dr. Alfred T. Lutterodt was born in Accra, Ghana on November 17, 1944. He attended the University of Ghana Medical School and graduated (MB, Ch.B) on July 1, 1971. He has a Master’s degree in Clinical Pharmacology from the University of Calgary, and he is certified in the specialty of Internal Medicine by both the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and the American Board of Internal Medicine.

Dr. Lutterodt has practiced in Regina for nearly thirty years, during which he actively taught both medical students and residents of the University of Saskatchewan. He rose to the rank of Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan. His area of interest is the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. He is currently involved in developing a pilot training program for medical and paramedical staff for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases in Accra.

Alfred LutterodtInternal Medicine Specialist


  • We have sent more than $10 million worth of medical equipment to Ghana.
  • Since 2000, Canadian teams travelled to Ghana at their own expense to mentor and support health care professionals in West Africa, both in neurosurgery, nursing and biomedical engineering.
  • Educational upgrading with hands-on training in Vancouver of four Ghanaian nurses in 2004. (Along with the medical training and hands on experience, the nurses also took home a new disciplined approach to their work.)
  • In 2005, KBNF developed a professional Project Brief, outlining the need and plan of action for establishing a West African regional neuroscience centre of excellence at KBTH.
  • In 2006, KBNF prepared a Sustainability Program, showing the viability of a neuroscience centre in Ghana.
  • In 2007, KBNF developed a Functional Program, to ensure functional requirements for delivery of neuroscience care are met.
  • Our Mission

    World Class Brain & Spinal Care 100%
    Sustainable Infrastructure Development 100%
    Professional Medical Education 100%
    Volunteer 100%
    Partnering 100%

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