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KBNF is a registered charity with a global reach. Our main focus is in providing medical support for brain injuries and diseases to the people of Ghana and West Africa. Through the generosity of people like you, we provide immediate care that is helping to save lives. We are committed to assisting the people of West Africa for the long-term through the development of a world-class regional hospital and network, by providing specialist training to the doctors, nurses and other health care professionals who will work in their homelands, and by establishment of a neurological research unit.

We are also supporting health care infrastructure development for the region. Currently the Ebola Crisis needs our urgent support. Please join with us as we provide support for the people suffering with this deadly virus.

We hope you will spend some time here and learn more about KBNF and how you can help save the lives of people in Ghana and West Africa.

KBNF In The News: Nothing Says “Happy Valentine’s Day” like a new bed (or 150)

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Update: As of April 29, 2015 Container shipment #3 has reached Tappita and #6 is loaded and on it’s way to Liberia! Check out the blog to see pictures and hear more!


IMG_7974Spring is upon us, a time of renewal, rebirth, and growth. Here at KBNF, in addition to our neuroscience priorities for Ghana and West Africa, we have been fully engaged in supporting Liberia as they battle Ebola and now begin to rebuild a health care system that is truly in need of rebirth. With every challenge comes opportunity and perhaps this is one amazing chance for Liberia’s health care system to have a fresh start.

Hearing the desperate cry for help, KBNF, in partnership with Compassionate Resource Warehouse, our shipping partners, arose to the mission of shipping 1,000 hospital beds, equipment and much needed supplies to Liberia. At the time we began the campaign, it certainly seemed insane to pursue THAT many beds, especially when most available beds in Canada have been donated already. However, the need was critical, as many patients lay on mats, cots, or inadequate beds. This was something that we COULD do, so we rolled up our sleeves and have never looked back.

Our KBNF family spread the word in every way possible and many Canadians across the country rose to the request. From Victoria to Vancouver to Kamloops, and back east to Toronto, compassion dictated that available beds be donated to the Ebola response.

5 containers have been shipped to Liberia to date. Next week another will leave Victoria. KBNF has 5 more containers waiting to ship as funding is available. And today, history was made. Our first KBNF container loaded in Ontario took place.

Your investment’s impact is already bringing hope to so many. Funds are critically needed to continue supporting Liberia’s recovery.

Stay tuned family and friends! We have more exciting KBNF news to share with you all.


Caution: Viewer discretion is advised! :) Do not try this at home! Professionals at work here! This is NOT for the faint of heart! :)

Caution: Viewer discretion is advised! :) Do not try this at home! Professionals at work here! This is NOT for the faint of heart! :)