West Africa and Strokes

Here is an article that I read recently on people dying from strokes in Ghana.

I am so pleased to note that awareness is being raised in Ghana regarding the mammoth challenges and tragedies many, many Ghanaians (and West Africans) are having, particularly in the realm of strokes. There is much that needs to be done and we are committed to partnering with West Africa in prevention, being proactive, and offering effective treatment of these devastating brain attacks.

Jocelyne mentions that salt is a staple in their diets that needs to be reduced and will likely help. Struggling with high blood pressure is often a precursor to stroke. So much can be done . . .

The loss of one contributing adult in West African society is a critical loss. Why? Because those countries, with meagre resources, have invested in that life and their loss may impact an entire family’s viability, a community, and a nation. One tragic example is our loss of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital Head Physiotherapist, at the age of 57. There are so few rehabilitation specialists anywhere in Ghana or West Africa. His loss was devastating.

Please partner with us to reduce strokes. Many lives depend on it.

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