The Udohs Get Their Miracle!

Here’s Marj with the next chapter of the KBNF and Udoh family escapades!

David and his family travelled to Lagos to pursue Italian transit visas. As they were heading to the Embassy, David received a call from the Canadian Embassy, instructing the family to report to the High Commission. The taxi detoured and the group made their way to the Canadian Consulate, wondering what this all meant.

David recalls, “We got visas at Canada Embassy. No questions. Thank you, Marj. My love to Team KBNF. What an unbelievable “Never Say Die” oraganization. Can’t wait to see you all. Love, the Udohs.”

Nadia and Joyce, our travel agents, worked so hard to figure this all out one way or another. Thankfully, we’ll have the Udohs in Trinidad for the conference! Everyone, including Mark Warawa’s office, worked diligently to try to ensure that all pertinent information was received. When I was washing my hands at the kitchen last Sunday, the words came to me spoken by Winston Churchill: Never give up, never give up, never give up! I took that message as a sign that we were to persevere. Then a chorus came to me: God has a 1,000 ways, to answer every prayer . . . no good will He withhold, from children of his care.” I told Danny, and we prayed for a miracle. Well, we have one. And just in the nick of time!

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