Savour or Squander

Danny Moe

I wonder sometimes how often I squander opportunities I should have savoured.  What you savour you tend to remember the rest of your life.  What you squander you forget and often never know what you missed.

I think of all the people I have met and their great lives and experiences that I have savoured or perhaps squandered.  I remember arriving at a friend’s open house and knowing no one.  I thought of leaving early but instead stayed and met people.  I asked a man cooking hamburgers what his profession was and he shared how he was the captain of one of the world’s largest private yachts touring the world.  Talk about an interesting conversation.  I also met a woman that evening who was a designer of the inside decor of some of the great private yachts built.  I left for home that evening so thankful that I had savoured and not squandered the evening.

Every person we meet has something about them to be savoured.  Scenic views can be savoured or squandered.  Flowers, birds, streams, and simply anything God created can be savoured or squandered.  I can’t imagine the mind of God creating anything that did not have something worth savouring.

As I write, I had one of those experiences yesterday.  My daughter Damara had just delivered a darling blond haired 8 lb. 21 in. boy.  Visiting her and her husband hours later, I got to hold that precious little bundle.  He was hungry and had been crying.  Yet, as I carried him and talked, asking him what he thought about this great new world, he stopped crying and intently looked straight at me as I talked.  I continued to talk as I looked at his big hands and suggested to him that he would be better at basketball than a hunter like his dad.  I thought of the amazing and immediate change from a womb to the world…from loneliness to lots of people…and from silence to sound.  I was holding a grandson who was only hours (not days) old.  I was so glad there was no rush as I got to savour that moment.  I will never forget it.

God will give you some great moments to savour every day.  They will often come unexpectedly, but they will come.  They are never the same. They often come in disguise.  Seize them and savour them.  Don’t squander what God excitedly gives you to savour.

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