Multi-Tasking for Sustainable Health Care

KBNF and its affiliates are blessed with world-class experts, consultants and volunteers in many fields: neurosurgery, neurology, neuroradiology, neuroanatomy, neuro-anesthesiology, critical care, project management, construction, health planning, hospital architecture, etc. These individuals care and serve KBNF from their hearts. KBNF project management team and Builders without Boarders are also of keen interest to the JFK CEO, Dr. Wvannie McDonald.

We believe that doing things right and well in a timely manner is a critical cost saving building block. Developing contemporary, well thought out planning can facilitate optimal functioning of a hospital and reduce operational costs. Multi-tasking of various components of a facility can provide significant revenue generators. For example, in a Canadian hospital, housing a CT scanner adjacent to ORs plus having it available for in and outpatient use has provided optimal use of the scanner and brought in additional revenue. Laboratories can also be well planned to raise revenue sources. Rehabilitation can provide another source of funding.  Expansion of hours of operation also enhances the coffers. A hospital foundation can be a valuable avenue for raising awareness of a hospital’s needs locally and internationally. Fundraising for equipment, education, training and care can then be a fulltime focus of these promoters.

KBNF is also preparing to launch a chart documentation program for Ghana and West Africa. We believe that this can be an evolving preeminent program coming out of Africa and be an attractive example of how West Africa, with the right resources, can be progressive and achieve greatness. We were pleased to see that JFK Hospital uses binders and dividers for their charts. The opportunity to develop a charting system that emphasizes accountability, reduces patients’ length of stay, improves care delivery, reduces time consuming charting, and reduces potential for errors, can only be a win-win for hospital development. Medical record system advancements are also offered by our USA affiliate, DrUMM.

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