Marj Ratel in Ghana – Blog Post 8

Danny, Marj, President Mills, Jocelyne and Seth

Our week began with Jocelyne preparing to complete her report of the state of affairs of the KBTH Radiology Dept. She will deliver her report on Friday, prior to her departure home. We certainly trust that this report will be a driving force behind radiology advancements and expansion.

I am continuing to pursue various documentation developments and almost have the neurovital sign record ready to go. I will be visiting the National Cardiothoracic Unit with the Director of Nursing, Mrs. Victoria Quaye, as we review their documentation system. The goal is to make this a common system for the region.

Danny, Jocelyne and I, along with Rev. Prof. Seth Ayettey, met with President Mills in the afternoon. It was a rewarding time, recalling lovely memories of his stay in Vancouver in 2001. He recalled all of the beds that were being packed in containers, while he was there. I gave him warm greetings from our members, and especially Felix Durity. We reviewed various developments, including the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital Emergency and Clinical Services Centre project along with equipment/radiology issues and the establishment of the neuroscience research program. President Mills appreciates the efforts of KBNF on behalf of Ghana and is very pleased to extend his support to various endeavours, including visiting Canada to raise awareness of our partnership and neuroscience health care advancements. Danny shared about Dare to Dream — Dare to Do and Heart Power seminars being well received in Accra. He is speaking to 100 Electric Company Directors Tuesday, giving them the four-hour Heart Power presentation. They desire to transform their culture of customer service and Danny’s workshop will be a perfect match for their goals. We trust this will open many doors for other opportunities in the Ghanaian corporate world. Official photos were taken after our visit and we left the castle rewarded by the sense of family that continues to grow between our two countries.

We visited the National Arts Centre where Ghanaian arts and crafts are sold. This was our second trip this visit and Danny is making life-long friendships and partnerships. He was teaching various artisans the art of selling with an edge, offering something unique with each product. The sellers were so touched, as they shared that never do customers offer wise advice to them. Danny refused to barter and instead, taught them to offer their best price only = what would be a win for them considering the time and effort given to an item. Danny particularly blessed Emmanuel, one delightful carver, and a beautiful friendship has begun. We made a few purchases for family, friends and supporters at home, and Danny is now the proud owner of the signed and first numbered edition carved Lion bookends. The numbered edition concept was taught by Danny and it’s taking off now in the market.

Tuesday continues to be a full working day at the hospital. We are expecting to visit Provost Lawson, physicians and staff, along with others in the community. Danny heads to Kumasi with Derek Agyapong-Poku on Wednesday, to speak to the staff of Essie and her family’s local hotel as well as others in the community. Don Jenion will chair a project management meeting in the afternoon Ghana time, so more members will be on Skype from Ghana than from Canada! Seth Ayettey and Aaron Lawson will be leaving for Israel in the next couple of weeks, as they review Israeli expertise in hospital construction. The College of Health Sciences hospital design will be presented this month, and they expect construction to commence in September.

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