As a small organization with a large vision and several important projects currently underway, we rely on the support of our volunteers. An incredible group of people from all walks of life located throughout North America and around the world, our volunteer family participates at every level of our organization.

Often individuals will ask what they can do. Many opportunities are available. You do not need to be a medical specialist to be a critical member of our volunteer team.

Areas to Volunteer:


West African medical missions. Surgery missions require neurosurgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, respiratory therapists, physios, biomedical engineers, carpenter / handyman, mission coordinator, and others depending on the specific mission at hand. We also encourage other specialties to join us, including internal medical specialists, ophthalmologists, dentists and dental surgeons, medical practitioners. We have two upcoming Neurosurgery missions: May/June 2017 November 2017

Barn 3: Equipment and Shipping Support

Equipment is donated every week to KBNF. We require volunteers to:

  • Help load and unload hospital beds, mattresses, equipment and supplies from donation sites to our British Columbian warehouses.
  • Ensure that items are functional and safely prepared for transport to West Africa.
  • We need volunteers to fold and pack hospital laundry, check and pack clothing, maternity pack items, toys, nursing supplies, etc., etc.
  • Help load containers.
  • Contact us for the next day our Volunteer Team will be at Barn 3 (our Delta warehouse).

    Neuro Rehabilitation Program Development

    We need stroke and rehabilitation specialists, therapists (physio, occupational, and speech), nurses (rehab and neuroscience), and rehab assistants, etc for our medical missions to Techiman, Ghana (May/June, Nov/Dec 2017)

    Liberian Prosthetic Clinic Development

    Prosthetists, carpenters, cabinet makers, and team members to help set up a national clinic and establish a training and mentoring program for selected nationals in the skills of prosthetics.

    Fundraising Event Planning

    KBNF welcomes all KBNF family and friends to actively support fundraising events, both locally and abroad. KBNF cannot achieve our objectives without financial support. Networking with sponsors and KBNF friends is such a key need. We dearly need volunteers to participate in community fundraising events.

    Volunteering for a KBNF Medical Mission to West Africa

    Thank you for your interest in volunteering for one of our upcoming medical missions to West Africa. These missions usually occur in May-June and/or November-December each year, last from one to four weeks and consist of needs assessments, screening clinics, teaching and neurosurgical procedures, as well as equipment maintenance: a vital aspect for surgical support.

    Professionals with 1st world skills and knowledge find themselves challenged to work in a medical environment with few resources and can be asked to perform tasks outside their professional and personal “comfort zone”. The accomplishments of each Mission invariably exceed expectations, and are a type of gratification to take home, however much still needs to be done.

    Mission participants are ultimately responsible for all their expenses such as travel (airfare, ground transportation, insurance), visas, vaccinations and malaria/other medications, meals and accommodation. Prospective participants are encouraged to fundraise to meet these expenses. Under Canadian Income Tax law, these expenses are eligible for an Canadian Income Tax charitable donation receipt, using the cheque exchange method. A Mission Manual with detailed information is provided to each participant prior to departure.

    In the months prior to departure, all new volunteers are required to participate in a four-hour Heart Power course. This course is usually done via Skype and teaches volunteers how to work with compassion in all aspects of their work.

    Many Western health care disciplines have few or no professionals working in West Africa. Volunteers with sub-specialty interests (eg: speech pathology, neuropsychology, etc.) may find the local language a barrier, as English is not spoken by all West Africans. In addition to teaching nursing and medical staff, their purpose in participating in a Mission can be “exploratory” and used as a needs assessment for future activities.

    Steps to Become a Mission Participant

    Become a KBNF member
    Provide two references
    A work reference & a character reference are needed to ensure the volunteer has the mental and emotional qualities to work in a challenging environment.
    Be Interviewed
    By telephone/Skype or where possible, in-person.
    In the Heart Power course
    Be available
    For the selected upcoming Mission and have necessary skills set
    Follow Mission Manual
    Instructions including signing a Waiver of Responsibility

    6 thoughts on “Volunteer

    1. Hi my name is Laura. I am a Registered Nurse at Vancouver General Hospital. I am interested in volunteering and also going on a medical mission in 2016.
      Please send me more information.
      Thank you!

      • Laura, wonderful here from you! Do let us know what your area of specialty is.

        We have many projects on the go and would be pleased to have you join our volunteer teams. To join KBNF, forward your membership information either via our website or by mail. 9131 207B. St. Langley, BC V1M 2P5

        We are packing donations at our warehouse this Saturday and would love to have you join us. The address is 5575 112th St. Delta. Don’t hesitate to call for more details. 1.877.468.6380.


    2. Good Evening,

      Would love to help volunteer and show support for your great cause and to help at events!! I am a 4th-year medical student, studying for medical boards and will soon be starting a residency program somewhere in the USA.

      • Hello Asif! Wonderful hearing of your desire to support our partners in West Africa. We always welcome students involvement in our foundation:)! Our foundation definitely desires to support our university students professional and personal development. There are a number of options.

        1. Join KBNF. Become a member. Students fees annually are $15. This will entitle you to be a part of projects we are involved with and give you the ability to apply to be a part of upcoming mission trips.
        2. Start a KBNClub at your school. Engage your school colleagues and profs in supporting KBNF developments. We are conducting neuro rehab research and this may be one area of interest. Fundraising is critical to our accomplishing our objectives. One container shipment costs $7,500 to ship. The replacement value of the contents is 50 – 100 times the cost. So truly a worthy fundraiser that is transformative for Liberian and Ghanaian hospitals.
        3. Support our fundraising efforts. We are shipping containers over to Liberia and Ghana and need all the support we can get.
        4. Enroll in our Heart Power! program. Led by Danny Moe, it is a prerequisite for mission participants and is truly inspiring.
        5. Give us a call and we would be pleased to talk with you.

        Thanks for your interest Asif.


      • Hellos Kindra.

        How lovely to hear from you. I trust that you had a lovely Christmas and that school studies are invigorating!!!

        Please feel free to email me at marj@kbnf.org and I will be pleased to discuss with you our student club involvement.

        So much to do and having members of the diaspora offering to help with the best:)!


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