Korle-Bu Neuroscience Clubs

KBNF is eager to invest in the lives of our Canadian and international university students. We know that our youth are the future and care deeply about providing quality opportunities to further their personal and professional lives.

The Korle-Bu Neuroscience Club (KBNC) is a non-profit student organization that emerged from KBNF a decade ago at the request of University of McGill students dedicated to supporting the advancement of neuroscience care in Ghana and West Africa.


Providing an opportunity to volunteer and participate in KBNF projects has given our students the ability to significantly enhance their professional portfolios. Several students have participated in mission trips, others have been immersed in neuro research development, and others have concentrated on raising project support. Consequently, we are pleased to note that some of our students have been accepted into medical and graduate schools as a result of this international exposure.

KBNC focuses on participating in project work (missions and research), fundraising as well as raising awareness at the university level.

Heather Johnston, KBNF – KBNC Liaison, is providing executive leadership for the various clubs.

Currently, KBNClubs are operating at the Universities of British Columbia and Victoria and expansion is in the air at the University of Arizona. KBNC leaders include:

Brenna Li, President, KBNC – UBC

Mariama Salifu, KBNC – UoA

Julia Denley, President, KBNC - UVic

If you would like to start a KBNClub in your school, please contact info@kbnf.org and Heather Johnston, KBNF – KBNC Liaison, will be pleased to help students embark on an experience they will never forget!

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