Share the Care

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the Share the Care committee as they have completed their goals and officially concluded. West African Palliative Care teams have taken on and taken forward the goals, objectives and developments and continue this work.

“After much deliberation and review of what has been achieved relative to the founding goals and objectives, a decision has been made to disband the committee and tie up its activities. The Ghanaian professionals, institutions, and MOH have made impressive strides in the development of PC capacity, and continue to do so. It is felt that although more could be done the initial goals and objectives have been met. The Ghanaians have developed the knowledge of [Palliative Care], awareness of the importance/need for services and a support system to successfully move forward in the further development of services and wider knowledge of the specialty.”
Dawn MacDonald, Closing Chair STC


To collaborate with Palliative Care Health Care Professionals, relevant Government Ministries and institutions in Ghana and West Africa, to facilitate Palliative Care service development and delivery, grounded in research-based best practices and international standards.


To develop and deliver professional and public education programmes.
To share education and programme development resources
To consult on patient care where requested
To facilitate access to needed supplies and equipment

Project Development and Accomplishments

Share the Care (STC) is grounded in “Twinning” focussing the activities of organizations in developed countries to assist developing countries. It is based in collaboration, mutual learning, cultural respect and intent to establish sustainable results, accomplished by a group of professionals, now part of the Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation (KBNF). KBNF is a non-profit health care foundation that has been active in West Africa since 2000 with similar goals to STC.
To date there have been a number of exchanges between health care professionals specializing in Palliative Care in Ghana & Canada.

  • 2011: A “foundation” visit to establish connections, learn about the Ghanaian health care system and assess readiness.
  • 2013: A teaching & consultation visit to Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital to deliver a 4-day “Fundamentals in Palliative Care” course to a multidisciplinary audience of 60 health care professionals, consult on patient care and future planning. The “Fundamentals” course was developed and co-taught with Ghanaian faculty. A relationship with the only multidisciplinary palliative care team in the country (KBPCT) was consolidated and extended.
  • 2014: Dr. Edwina Addo, Clinical Lead-KBPCT, was sponsored for a week-long visit to study palliative care delivery & programs in the Tri-Cities area.
    Dr Gladstone Kessie of Mount Olives Hospital, Techiman, Ghana, sponsored by KBNF, visited Tri-Cities to study palliative care & geriatric services.
  • 2015: A teaching, consultation, planning visit to three locations in Ghana, (Accra, Kumasi and Tetteh-Quarshie). The “Fundamentals” course, full and variations, plus a visit to the developing Palliative Care Unit at T-Q are scheduled. Work is proceeding on a shipment of equipment & supplies for the PCU later in the year.