KBTH Equipment Maintenance and Repair Support a KBNF Top Priority

Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital Biomedical Engineering team awaits training and mentoring visit support from KBNF Biomedical Resource Team led by Engineer Anders Engstrom, Lions Gate Hospital. Anders is prepared to take a leave of absence from VCH, to give quality time to KBTH’s needs. KBTH will provide lodging and provisions during his stay. Ongoing expertise via IT communication as well as leading a volunteer team on regular visits is expected.

As you can imagine, hospital equipment requires expert maintenance and repair in order to be available for consistent use by doctors and staff. Without this resource, patients are left at risk and physicians cannot perform their often life saving duties with any measure of confidence. Equipment must have optimal performance in order to ensure sustainability for the hospital for years to come. Sadly, this is currently not the case. KBTH CEO Nii Otu Nartey has asked KBNF to fill this critical need. Fundraising for Anders and his team along with a biomedical repair kit is a top priority. A gift for this cause would enable Anders to intervene immediately.

A Thank You Letter From Dr. David Udoh

Below is a heart-felt thank you letter that I received from Dr. David Udoh, our neurosurgeon in Benin City, Nigeria.

Dear Marj,

Today, I “breathe” for the first time since 3rd December . . .

You should have been here, Marj. Container shipment was driven into UBTH and parked at the Neurosurgical Ward 1st March at 1100 hours Nigerian time. The nurses were ecstatic. I could scarcely bear it!

I went into the container myself and the nurses joined. We did all the offloading ourselves! Until dusk. The nurses shocked everyone.

As I walked through the container, I could feel the warm embrace of the love which donated so sacrificially, which lifted and loaded every heavy equipment without a wince or groan, which so delicately packaged every box and watched their labour of love shipped to an uncertain destination (as ours can be).

I saw, beyond the container, an eternal testimonial unto those men and women who would never give that which cost them nothing.

That’s where I want to be. Where giving becomes you, to beneficiaries who would never ever know you or you know them.

Without prior planning, needing to be part of this, the Neurosurgical team (men, women, and some of their children) took the container on and did everything ourselves. No one even thought of recruiting volunteers. That’s the part you need to see. We were overcome by love.

. . . Thank you

Dr. David Udoh

Neurosurgery Dept Head

University of Benin Teaching Hospital

Equipment and Shipping News

KBNF’s 14th container shipment filled with hospital equipment and supplies sent to Benin City, Nigeria for their neurosurgery department at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital, has arrived in Lagos and is in the process of being cleared from port, reports Dr. David Udoh, Neurosurgery Department Head, University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH).

KBNF is pleased to report that $800 in funds raised this past fall provided for the complete refurbishment of two superb ventilators by our KBNF biomedical engineers. These ventilators are replicate models of the UBTH surgery department ventilators that are currently in disrepair.  As a result, UBTH biomedical technicians and anaesthesiologists familiar with these models will put these fully functioning ventilators into operation immediately upon arrival. This will enable patients to be ventilated safely during their surgeries and post-operative period.

Thank You For Attending Our Fundraiser!

Thank you to all of our Fraser Valley visitors who attended our Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation inaugural Charity Fair and Garage Sale, at Diamond Delivery. Every arrival was eagerly anticipated, as our team gave their best to raise funds to support the transformation of health care delivery for Ghana and West Africa. Richard Lee, MLA, North Burnaby, played table tennis, challenging the past KBNF team winner, Kingsley Agyeman. We were also blessed with the participation of Mel Davis, of Globetrotter fame.

Neuroscience education, training and research, and biomedical engineering are just a few of the principal tools we identify as parts of the “full tool kit” critical to sustainable health care, as we partner with Ghana to transform Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital into a major West African resource and North American standard hospital.

The Surrey Leader mentioned the event and featured an image.

Our next planned fundraiser will come in early 2011, as we conduct our first KBNF Scrabble Tournament. We will keep you posted!


Dear Charity Fair and Garage Sale Team!

I trust you are all recovered from the events of Friday and Saturday. My, what an amazing time of teamwork and family. When Rick and I sat down over lunch in August, never did we appreciate all the work that would be done for the next many weeks, to achieve our goal of raising awareness, both corporately in the city but also in the community at large. Having a new website was the first accomplishment that took amazing teamwork and got done in record time. . .

To have the support of so many, including staff, foundation members and their friends and family, was incredible. Even before the events, much was donated in terms of preparatory time, donations for the garage sale, spreading the word around, securing other volunteers.

To have the family support of the Diamond family, including Rick, Sue, and Alyssa, and Alyssa’s boyfriend — just wonderful. Rick gives and gives and gives, and does not want recognition for himself, but to meet the objectives and reach the outcomes. He lives in his heart, and yearns for everyone else to live in their heart as well. Wearing the “for Seth” on the teeshirt sleeves was just wonderful. I have since forwarded a photo to Seth’s family to show him. It has already encouraged Seth to no end.

I know that Sue spoke from her heart as she shared the value of expert care and how it can make such a difference in West Africa. She has committed to helping further, and for that, I am most grateful. There are very few with neurological challenges, that will entire the public eye and speak. It has been a challenge in neuroscience for a long, long time. Sue did so with style and class and courage and passion. Thank you!

To have the family support of the Johal family, including Brian and his daughters and son-in-law. Giving of their entire day to the Fair and Garage Sale, doing whatever is asked of them, just tremendous. Brian’s people skills when potential customers came into the warehouse was refreshing and lively. Lots of laughter could be heard across the floor often . . .

Alethea and Jillian, just a mammoth 24/7 effort in recent weeks, to ensure we had things in order for the events. Attention to details is their forte, and they backed up their instructions with action. I commented that having not even known we existed in the summer, to spending their very breath on our project, every moment they possibly had available, including waking up in the middle of the night to plan another piece to the event, simply amazing. Balloons, silent auction items, were high on the agenda targeting a goal of $10,000, and this week, Rick continues to sell gift balloons to the corporate community to optimize our fundraising.

To have the support of the KBNC — UBC, led by Ash, just tremendous! Delivering flyers in Langley and Surrey, so appreciated. Always willing to help wherever it was most needed was the key word. Where can I be most effective? is what was asked and off they would go to do it.

For the Kwantlen Students led by Charles Quist-Adade, President of the GCABC, delivering flyers throughout the Surrey area.

To have the support of Renato, Karl, Rich, Shirley, Maria, Chelsea, Danny, and the whole Diamond Team, inspite of our tight timelines, and challenges, eager to help us make this weekend a success, thank you. Renato, to be committed to spreading the word about our foundation and helping us to be better and better, just wonderful. DD, as promised, your bathroom spruce up is coming soon!!

To the Diamond Delivery warehouse and truckers, led by Glen and his wonderful team . . . always supportive, helping above and beyond the call of duty, staying late at the office . . . for us . . . NEVER any tension or complaint ever . . . just amazing. . .

To my family, Danny and Diane Moe, and for their support and for Diane’s 4 colleagues, coming both days and giving freely . . . Danny, you inspired many as you expertly MCed the Corporate Luncheon. Giving a gift back, that’s what we are all about. We may ask, but we also want to give and you did that with style.

To our honored guests, the Surrey Councillers including Mary Martin, Richard Lee, MLA, North Burnaby, Dean Valli, centre for the BC Lions, and Miss BC Tara Teng, thank you for taking time away from busy schedules to contribute to our Luncheon and Fair. I have since met with Richard at his office, and he continues to offer his support to us. He thoroughly enjoyed the events and has posted a photo of himself and Rick at the ping pong site on his website. He was quite pleased with that, especially as the ball is captured in air.

Miss BC is passionate about her opportunity to make a difference in our province, country and world, as she hits human trafficking head on, desiring to stop it in its tracks. She was so gracious in her attendance and we applaud her. She’s heading to Ottawa to meet with the Senators next week and discuss what Canada needs to do to stop this in our country and abroad. We need to pray for her.

BC Lions’s chaplain, Dave Klassen, followed up with me Monday, asking how things went. That attention to detail and care will bode well for future requests.

A very special guest that made considerable effort to attend our Charity Fair and contribute is Mel Davis, of Globetrotters fame. Mel and his wife attended and in fact purchased the silent auction nativity set. Mel gave a demonstration and great support to our cause.

For Yvonne and Noelle and Daniel, for their Queen Mother procession and dance along with carrying things on your head the African way demonstration. Just great! This was captured by our PR team, Paul and Ruth, from AHA, coming in on their day off from Gibsons and sending off photos and notes to the media immediately thereafter. We trust we will see them in print this week. Keep a look out!

All of our KBNF family and friends, too many to name here, just amazing. Many of our members spent hours driving to locations to pick up garage sale items, a very time consuming endeavour. John, Derek, Kwabena, Brenda, Jocelyne, Ash (President KBNC — UBC) and others, spent time heading out sometimes daily to pick up items from all over the lower mainland. Others helped with flowers and donations and baking and making signs and filling in wherever the need arose.

Trucked in by Jocelyne and Norm, . . . flower baskets, hours and hours of labor from Sharon in my backyard, as we pulled them together. Norm and Ruth, Melissa, Damara, Brenda, Adele, Jocelyne with support from Charlie, owner of IGA Marketplace, selling flower baskets come torrential rain or shine, amazing.

Norm worked day and night, making sure signage was dealt with, flyers ready to go, details arranged, just to mention a few. Brad, Aaron and Colin, giving their time to take out flyers house to house, and helping set up. Melissa, helping to set up schedules and rolling up her sleeves whatever was needed, Aaron Asante, our faithful African music inspired DJ the whole of the day . . . outside, no less and never a complaint, but just happy to help . . . Just awesome!

The Garage Sale set up team included many and worked into the wee hours of the morning, requiring little to no sleep for the busy Saturday. Lynne, Norm, Melissa, Aaron, Ale, thanks so much! Jocelyne and Brenda, giving until there was simply no more left in “our engines”, incredible commitment. That work ethic is truly what makes us so special. It makes no difference if we are doctors, nurses or other professionals; this is a family that is focussed on the outcome, that of bringing world class health care to West Africa. And we’re doing it!

Westwood Lumber, housing a Diamond Delivery truck on the property, and for DD to take the expense of a truck sitting dormant when it could have been in service, again, this is what made the garage sale possible.

Our corporate sponsors would not have donated, had it not been for all of you reaching out and sharing our story and our vision and gripping the hearts of the corporate world that this project should be a focus of their support.

Many more should be specially mentioned, but suffice to say, the glory ultimately goes to God, for the opportunity to be a blessing, for blessing our efforts and for the ripple effect that is growing even now.

Rick would ask me repeatedly, what is the main reason for these events? I would respond: “To raise awareness in the community of who we are and what we are doing”. He would affirm, saying he didn’t care if “3 forks were sold”, it was all about raising awareness and community support long-term. Well, we have definitely raised awareness in many regions / companies that would not otherwise have heard about us. I continue to hear from them, even this morning.

I may have missed mentioning some of our team and I do apologize. Your contributions and commitment are not taken lightly and are totally appreciated. We will definitely be in touch with you in the coming days.

I pray that this will be a Fraser Valley launch that helps to catapult us to greater achievements in the months ahead in Vancouver and beyond. We’ll be sure to let you all know the amount raised as soon as the donations have finished coming in. Do keep going to the website, as we add information to it.

Blessings from above and love . . . to you all,





Dear KBNF family and friends,

Time is marching on and our event planning and volunteer team is working full out to make sure that next weekend’s KBNF events are a super success. What would be considered a success? To raise awareness and long-term relationships among the business world of what is transpiring right under their nose here in Vancouver, and the transformative qualities of change in health care delivery for West Africa that they can be a part of…a pillar, a post, a tool kit of resources…

We are collecting garage sale items as quickly as we can and encourage everyone to check their crawl spaces, their garages, their closets, for anything that would be considered treasures to someone else and give us a call – and spread the word to your friends and family!

Thanks everyone,


Accepting Donations for KBNF Garage Sale

Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation is accepting donations for our garage sale on Saturday, October 16 from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.

We are accepting: furniture, tools, jewelry, books, clothing, children’s toys, kitchen items, and household items. To donate, please call 1.877.468.6380.

For more information about the Charity Fair and Garage Sale, please click here.

Fundraising Update

KBNF is going all out in October to fundraise in an innovative manner, with the help of Diamond Delivery. This is our first major fundraiser since the fall 2007 Table Tennis Tournament at Kwantlen University. The goal is to raise $30,000 to $50,000 (including corporate sponsorships). This is to give you an update (and advance warning that you are very much needed), so that you can mark your calendars and come prepared to put in a few hours, based on your abilities and availability. (You can also buy stuff at the sale!!!)

No. 1: Container shipment to Nigeria of medical supplies and equipment.

The 40 foot container will arrive Friday morning Oct 1st at the Diamond Delivery warehouse in Surrey (13350 Comber Way, Surrey, B.C. between King George Hwy and 132 St., just north of 72nd Ave).
 Strong people (aka men) are needed to load the beds upright into the container. Mattresses will be put between them. The skids will be loaded with the aid of DD forklift people, but the boxes will be piled to the ceiling, so a stepladder or two will be welcome (to work within the container).

It is planned to work on Friday till mid afternoon and to finish loading on Saturday morning Oct 2nd if necessary. (The container will be picked up and taken to the port on Monday Oct 4.)

The heavier boxes will be put in the bottom and the lighter ones on top, so some sorting of the boxes on the skids will be required. The boxes are labelled – white label with red border on the side of the box with an approximate weight to facilitate this.

The existing preliminary inventory of boxes etc. will require updating as items are packed.

Shipping the items stored at the DD warehouse is making room for the next event (in case it is indoors because of bad weather).

No. 2: Giant Garage Sale and Fair at the Diamond Delivery warehouse Sat Oct 16th.

Volunteers are required for many tasks over the next 3 weeks: Putting up posters, delivering flyers, collecting items for sale, manning the storage trailer at Westwood Lumber at times designated for drop off of items, sorting items in the 40 foot DD trailer (used to collect the sale items), etc. More info on this will be provided shortly.

On Friday, Oct 15th, volunteers will be needed to set up the tables and items for sale at the warehouse, to be ready to go the next morning.

Many volunteers will be needed on Saturday, Oct 16th (between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.) to make sure all goes smoothly with the various activities and that sales are brisk and profitable for KBNF. Volunteers will also be needed at the end of the day to put the tables and left over items into a truck.

On Sunday, Oct 17th, a few volunteers will be needed to take (or accompany) the left over items in a truck for sale at the Abbotsford Flea market, thus tapping into new customers.

Volunteer Committee meetings and planning the events, are occuring every Saturday morning. The next one, on Sat, Sept 25th is to be in Richmond, location yet to be specified. I will keep you informed.

Vancouver people needing a ride on any of these dates can phone me for pick-up.

Plan to give a few hours of your time. Bring another helper along if you can.

Jocelyne Lapointe

KBNF Executive Committee Secretary

Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation Charity Fair & Garage Sale

I am so excited to tell you about the KBNF Charity Fair & Garage Sale which will be held on Saturday, October 16, 2010 at 13350 Comber Way in Surrey from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

This fun, family event is an amazing community fundraising fair that will include:

  • Huge garage sale
  • Silent auction
  • Balloon auction
  • Ghanaian specialty events
  • Live music
  • Table tennis competition
  • Bottle drop off
  • The opportunity to watch and learn the amazing skills of how to balance and carry items on your head like the people of Ghana.
  • Pony rides, face painting, music, food and a whole lot more.

This fundraising event supports Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation as we work to alleviate the suffering of those in Ghana and West Africa affected by diseases of the brain and spine.

Please come out, have some fun and help support KBNF!

See you there!

Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation is now accepting donations for our garage sale. We are accepting: furniture, tools, jewelry, books, clothing, children’s toys, kitchen items, and household items. To donate, please call 1.877.468.6380.