Update on Erica, Liberia’s Neurosurgical First

Erica’s Update: Change takes a Champion

Dear friends, in 2014 Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation went to Liberia for our first Liberian Neurosurgical Medical Mission. We went at the invitation of Dr. Francis Kateh, then the CEO of Jackson F. Doe Memorial Referral Hospital, now Deputy Minister of Health. Our team of volunteer nurses, surgeons and support staff came from Canada, America and Nigeria to give Erica the chance of a lifetime.

Because of her plea, many more Liberians were able to get the vital Neurosurgery they needed. While we were there, Ebola broke out. We soldiered on, and when we got back to Canada, KBNF asked Dr. Kateh (then in charge of Liberia's medical response to Ebola) what Liberia needed most to fight Ebola. We sent over eight containers of medical supplies, beds and support items to help sustain and rebuild Liberia's shattered health care system during, and after the Ebola Pandemic.

It began with Erica, a brave young woman who refused to die because of where she was born. Her courage and dedication to see it through has changed the face of her entire country's medical future. KBNF will continue to support Liberia, to provide education and training to neurological & neurosurgical staff, to enhance safe surgical practices and help grow health care until Liberia no longer needs the support.

Who is your Erica? Where are they from? This holiday season, give for the people like Erica, who are desperate for surgeries, which will bring them back to wholeness so they too can spend their lives improving their countries and loving their families.

Thank you.

Nigerian Neurosurgery Unit Damaged in Fire!

Tragic news, family!


Our dear friends in Nigeria, Neurosurgeon Dr. David Udoh, his Head Nurse Priscilla and their staff came to us with news that a fire broke out in their unit.


Years ago, we sent a container of medical equipment and supplies to set up the Neurosurgery unit at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital. Our 2009 Medical Mission had us in that unit conducting surgery and helping the people of Nigeria.


Dr. Udoh comes on all our Medical Missions, and is an integral part of the KBNF Family. We need to bring them some relief. Help us put the money together to send them a container to replace what was lost.


Help Rebuild UBTH's Neurosurgery Ward

Help us send a shipping container of medical equipment and supplies to Dr. Udoh’s Neurosurgery Ward in the University of Benin Teaching Hospital, Nigeria. Dr. Udoh and his team are instrumental to KBNF’s success in West Africa. It’s time to help!

University of Ghana Teaching Hospital Project

When we started the Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation in 2000, we became aware that the issue of Neuroscience care in Ghana was larger than one unit. We continued an idea that Ghana needed new hospital facilities to match with the world-class medical education, and in 2008 developed a professional site plan assessment, and master plan with Canadian Project Managers, Architects and Site Planners.

You, our donors, fundraised for this hospital and now in 2016, the University of Ghana Teaching Hospital is on its’ way to being completed by an Israeli firm.

In this UofG Legon Hospital History powerpoint by Aaron-Lawson, pages 7 & 8 show our contribution which helped President Atta-Mills and Ghana procure funding for the Hospital Site at the University of Ghana.

We did it!

Follow us online for our next blog post about the reception we received when we visited the University of Ghana Teaching Hospital to see its’ building progress!


6 Days Till Walk for the Bu

Six days from today (that’s October 3rd, dudes), we’re throwing our 5th annual Walk for the Bu 5K Walk/Run/Roll-A-Thon in Bear Creek Park, Surrey, BC. Come by and register in person for 10:00 am and chill with the KBNF Team for the walk at 11:00 am.

Download the Sponsorship Brochure & Get Fundraising!

Stay after your 5k for a barbecue sponsored by Charlie Lee, owner/operator of Walnut Grove’s Marketplace IGA!

Walk for the Bu

Sponsor KBNF President Marj Ratel in her Walk for the Bu by donating today and helping Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation improve the lives of West Africans dealing with medical issues of the brain and spine. Thanks, all!

Annual Walk for the Bu!

Hi everybody! Holly here on Marj’s behalf. It’s that time of year again! Time to put on your sneakers and walk, or wheel, to help raise funds for Korle Bu! This a great event to invite all your friends and family!

When: October 4th, 2014. Registration starts at 10am and the walk starts at 11am with a BBQ lunch to follow.

Where: Bear Creek Park, Surrey BC (88th and King George Blvd), or wherever your neighbourhood is.

Individual registration is $10 and families are $25. This includes the BBQ lunch. If $100 or more in pledges are collected you will be eligible to win a prize!

Proud Sponsors include Diamond Delivery in Surrey and Charlie’s Marketplace IGA in Langley.

Attached in the link below is the pledge form for participants.



Can you Hear the Angels Sing?

Book Order Form

Vraeyda Media announces the release of Rev. Prof. Seth Ayettey’s first book Can You Hear the Angels Sing?, a memoir on grace, faith and healing in West Africa. Both adventure and treatise on humanitarian efforts, Can You Hear the Angels Sing? is a glimpse into the breath of the miraculous, and the heart of a modern day humanitarian.

In October 2010, Professor and Pastor Seth Ayettey was assaulted in his home. Shot and left for dead, he and his family experienced a series of miracles that culminated in a choir of angels. Now you can read his memoiron experiencing the best and worst of mankind, and how grace will save lives.

In collaboration with Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation, partial proceeds of Can You Hear the Angels Sing? will be donated to enrich health care and education in West Africa.

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2nd Walk for the Bu a Wonderful Success

Well, our 2nd annual “Walk for the Bu” is in the bag and has been a wonderful success. The weather accommodated us, as rain clouds moved on to greener pastures and by the middle of the day, jackets were coming off as the autumn sun was blazing. Many came out to celebrate the cause, some of the children were determined to chase around the track, others leisurely sauntered as they chatted to their hearts content, and others walked briskly, multitasking for physical fitness, . . . all to brisk tunes heard across the field, chosen by Aaron Asante!

Todd Ellison, recovering from 5 rib fractures, came out briefly to show his undying support! Thank you, Todd. You are a trooper!! Kim Ellison and friends manned the grill, as food was prepared for the hungry horde.

Thank you to the Ghanaian Community for your contributions, pledge forms completed and many of you giving us a day out of your busy schedules. Brenda gave our prizes to those walkers that raised more than $100! One of our precious girls, Trinity, was so earnestly walking around the track that she attracted the attention of one of our generous donors and she won a prize!!! Way to go, Trinity!!!

Gaston Koffie, White Caps soccer star, joined us in Ghanaian time (late:) and next year, we’ll be sure to inform his club that we are on Canadian time!!!

The barbeque, courtesy of Charlie’s IGA, was delicious, as sirloin burgers and veggie hotdogs were devoured by a hungry crew. At the end of the day, there were only 2 left and 1 found its way home to Grandma Moe, who determined she wanted another one the following dayJ!

Kodak moments had to be captured not once or twice, but dozens of times, as cameras and poses were plentiful. Musical chairs seem to be the game of choice for the children and young at heart!

Our hearts were so filled with gratitude as many of you generously pledged towards our priority project work. Donors from Montreal, Louisiana, Greater Vancouver, and Victoria gave promptly; staff at Vancouver General Hospital and VGH/UBC Eye Care Centre really came to the plate too! They would see Brenda, Derek or I coming and laugh as they couldn’t escape us! But all in all, everyone was so pleased to be a part of such a worthy cause.

And finally, a big thank you to Brenda, for her dream of and commitment to an annual KBNF walk and for juggling all the many details including ensuring that our space was secured at the park! Without her leadership, this simply would not be possible. Someday, her dream of holding these walks across the continent and eventually the world on the same day will become a reality.

A Big Thank You

I just want to take this opportunity to send a sincere thank you and my appreciation for all the help and support you provided to the Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation (KBNF) on 5 October 2013 at the Walk for the Bu. With the weather co-operating, it was great success!  This event could not have taken place without your help!

As this is only our 2nd annual Walk for the Bu we are still in the development stage. If there are any suggestions on how to improve this event please feel free to forward me your ideas.  Our Executive team will be looking to review all the suggestions in November to make adjustments to the walk next year.

Thanks again to all our volunteers!