To alleviate the suffering of West Africans with a special focus on those affected by diseases of the brain and spine and to address related health care issues.


    To enhance the delivery of quality brain and spinal medical care in Ghana and West Africa.


  • To assist regional, national and international partners in the establishment, maintenance and advancement of self-sustaining high quality clinical Neuroscience and Neurosurgical facilities using the resources of the West African medical communities, in collaboration with their Ministries of Health and Education and other agencies.
  • To promote the education of health care in West Africa, particularly in neuroscience and collaboration between institutions, both local and international.
  • To create and disseminate new knowledge by promoting active research programs in collaboration with local and international institutions.
  • To enhance designated medical facilities in the short term, by assisting to improve the physical environment, provide appropriate medical supplies and equipment, as well as educational and professional development resources.
  • To serve the population at large, not only by providing expert medical services but also by providing public education.
  • To internationally engage and develop a generation of young leaders for the future of global health care and for involvement in KBNF activities, by utilizing a variety of methods.

Core Values

  • We treat all people with respect regardless of their culture, ethnicity, age, gender, religion, or social status.
  • We conduct our affairs with honesty, integrity, transparency, and professionalism.
  • We foster effective, open communication in an environment of trust.
  • We are committed to excellence in all endeavours.
  • We collaborate with other like-minded organizations and project partners in creating a sense of togetherness and family.

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