A Thank You Letter from Ghana

Dear Marj. It was a great pleasure having you, Jocelyne, Danny, Karen, Dell Peter, Denise and Dr. Paul King in Ghana for medical missions that involved also Liberia and Sierra Leone. Our friendship with you and the KBNF team deepens with each visit and we thank God for your enthusiastic and passionate leadership and for the loving and joyful sacrifices of the rest of the team - executive, volunteers and the silent ones who work behind the scenes to ensure that goods and supplies are available for shipping. As you noted at the award ceremony, nearly 30 containers have been shipped, over half of them to Ghana alone. We value each of you and your love for Ghana and West Africa. Gladstone has shared with me news of what you all did at the Mount Olives Hospital over nearly four weeks period. The training of staff, support in patient care, the performance of the first spinal surgery by Dr. Paul King sharing his surgical skills as well and the clearing of yet another container shipment of medical items are all much appreciated. In my capacity as Chair of the Board of the mount Olives Foundation also, I place on record sincere thanks of the Board. The role played by the Hesse family and Gladstone and Faustina (even though physically absent in the period of the visit) in hosting all of you is valued and acknowledged with gratitude. I also place on record teaching materials donated to Faith Presbyterian Church School and the presents for the family. All of us, including the College of Health Sciences and in particular the Board of Trustees are ever grateful for all you have done to contribute to the building of human resource for health as well as to health infrastructure. God bless you all.
Rev. Prof Seth Ayettey, Ghana

KBNF is now a Member of the G4 Alliance

It is with the utmost pride and honour that Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation announces our membership with the G4 Alliance, which is “dedicated to building political priority for surgical, obstetric, trauma and anaesthesia care as part of the global development agenda” (www.theg4alliance.org for more information).

We are thrilled to connect, and even more thrilled with our upcoming Medical Mission to Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia & Sierra Leone leaving May 2016.

Cheers, all!

Support Neurosurgery in West Africa

Regardless of geographical location & financial status, everyone worldwide should have access to medical care. Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation is determined to foster Neurosurgery in West Africa, for all who have need.

Spring Medical Mission Announced

Hello Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation friends and family,

It is with great pleasure we announce our 2016 Spring Medical Mission is going to be in West Africa May – June 2016. We’ll be in Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone to continue our mission of enhancing neurological medical care in the West African region.

Keep following us on Twitter and Facebook for up to date details and to see where your donation dollars go.

Help Make the Mission a Success

Our medical missions are a vital part of our existence as a charity. Your donation dollars help us give the best care possible overseas.

A Reflection on Love

As we celebrated Valentine’s Day yesterday, I reflected . . . It’s easy to love another when they return that love. I love you, you love me. That’s easy. However, it’s quite another thing to love another when the recipient of that love gesture is not known and can never reciprocate.

At our Executive Board meeting this week, KBNF VP Derek Agyapong—Poku shared how he broke down in tears at his office desk when he received word of dear Patrick’s passing. His staff worried what was wrong. His heart grieved deeply for the loss of that precious young man. Jocelyne shared how she felt helpless at times struggling to find desperately needed albumin and blood required to stabilize Patrick’s condition. The funds were available. The life saving ingredients were not. A flight to Kumasi could have produced three more bottles of albumin.  But this was just a drop in the bucket to what was needed. Jocelyne began to comprehend the challenges that face African families when a member of their family needs hospital care in Africa. It’s daunting, friends.

In spite of all these immense challenges, Patrick could rest through the long nights knowing that when his loved ones were away in Sierra Leone and Canada, he wasn’t alone. Jocelyne was right there beside him, an extension of us all, doing everything in her power to reassure this dying man that he was cherished and loved.

As the Apostle Paul eloquently says: “If I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. . . Lovebears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails.”

Thank you for your unfailing commitment to those across an ocean that are the beneficiary of your loving gifts of money, expertise and time through our project work. Your gracious investments continue to extend unfailing incalculable love abroad.

Inspirational Moment & Prayer

Participants from one of the many KBNF workshops presented and facilitated by Danny Moe. (Danny is in the back row, third from the left.)

Here is a quick update on the work that Danny Moe, Reverend, Motivational Speaker, Vice President of Korle-Bu Foundation, has been up to for KBNF.

Danny has been ministering to Ghanaians and Sierra Leoneans daily. One woman had a dream of writing books, and had been told she had “books inside of her” – but never realized her dream until she began to work through Dare to Dream: Dare to Do with Danny! It has literally transformed her life. Her first book has been published and another is in development for publication this year. Danny has been showing her that there are innovative ways to sell her books. By holding seminars and having the books for sale, she should have tremendous success.

For more information on KBNF’s Workshops with Danny Moe, please visit here.