October 9 – General Update

I am only one, but still I am one. . . . [I’m trying to clone myself, but between you and me, if there is more than 1 Rick and /or Marj, the world likely would not survive as we know it!]. . . I cannot do everything . . . [but that doesn’t stop me from trying!], but still I can do something . . . [like sleep whether I need it or not]; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse [refuse? Me? Not a chance!] to do something that I can do.”

~ Helen Keller [edited by Marj] ~




Having a blast and trying to stay focussed on today’s tasks on hand for the upcoming KBNF charity fair and corporate luncheon events!!




Our KBNC UBC President, Ash, is working his heart out in the rain selling flowers and encouraging shoppers to donate . . . and attend the charity fair. Melissa, Todd, Kim and Damara take up the torch at Charlie’s IGA Marketplace selling our amazingly gorgeous fall flower baskets;




John and Jocelyne have become official KBNF truck drivers for the garage sale cause, . . . the corporate luncheon is moving ahead with 90% capacity now achieved, thanks to the amazing work of the Diamond Delivery team and Brian Johal of Westwood Lumbar.


What an amazing team of caring staff and friends.




We need volunteers to help with flyers to the community and sponsors for the events . . . if you have a few hours to donate, join with us!







Dear KBNF family and friends,

Time is marching on and our event planning and volunteer team is working full out to make sure that next weekend’s KBNF events are a super success. What would be considered a success? To raise awareness and long-term relationships among the business world of what is transpiring right under their nose here in Vancouver, and the transformative qualities of change in health care delivery for West Africa that they can be a part of…a pillar, a post, a tool kit of resources…

We are collecting garage sale items as quickly as we can and encourage everyone to check their crawl spaces, their garages, their closets, for anything that would be considered treasures to someone else and give us a call – and spread the word to your friends and family!

Thanks everyone,


News About Rev. Prof Seth Ayettey, KBNF Advisor and Friend

(Excerpted and edited from the emails of his friend Jim Thomas, Ghana Prisons Ministry)

Seth Ayettey is in Korle Bu Teaching Hospital suffering from a gunshot wound to his leg sustained in an armed robbery home invasion by five assailants at 01:00 Ghana time on October 5th. The thieves broke down many locked doors to gain access. The thieves took all the money in the house and they took the cell phones, and some jewelry.  They said the money was not enough and shot Seth before leaving, in the presence of his wife Cecilia and his seven-year-old daughter Naakai, known to many across North America as Baby Ceci, KBNF’s poster child.

The bullet entered the leg just above the knee and shattered the lower femur. He lost a lot of blood, but the surgeons were able to stabilize him. The operation lasted almost six hours. Another operation is scheduled for Saturday to do reconstructive surgery. Seth remains in ICU; he is talking and in reasonably good spirits.

The police captured four of the five assailants.  Apparently they had robbed five homes in the same manner.  The police set up a perimeter roadblock around East Legon (a district of Accra, Ghana) and the thieves tried to run it. Two were shot and killed and two captured, another escaped.

Discussions are under way to determine if Seth should be brought to the USA for reconstructive surgery to increase the chances of a better functional outcome of his leg.  Unfortunately, gunshot wounds are all too common in the US and their trauma hospitals are experts at these types of injuries. As Jim Thomas shares, “Our concern and major objective is to see that Seth gets the best care.”

Many have already offered financial support to Seth and Cecelia. Seth thanks everyone for their prayers and asks that everyone continue to pray for not only him, but also for the other victims and for the robbers. More information on how friends of KBNF can help Seth and his family will be posted as it becomes available. We will also keep you all fully informed of any developments.

Accepting Donations for KBNF Garage Sale

Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation is accepting donations for our garage sale on Saturday, October 16 from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.

We are accepting: furniture, tools, jewelry, books, clothing, children’s toys, kitchen items, and household items. To donate, please call 1.877.468.6380.

For more information about the Charity Fair and Garage Sale, please click here.