Equipment and Shipping News

KBNF’s 14th container shipment filled with hospital equipment and supplies sent to Benin City, Nigeria for their neurosurgery department at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital, has arrived in Lagos and is in the process of being cleared from port, reports Dr. David Udoh, Neurosurgery Department Head, University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH).

KBNF is pleased to report that $800 in funds raised this past fall provided for the complete refurbishment of two superb ventilators by our KBNF biomedical engineers. These ventilators are replicate models of the UBTH surgery department ventilators that are currently in disrepair.  As a result, UBTH biomedical technicians and anaesthesiologists familiar with these models will put these fully functioning ventilators into operation immediately upon arrival. This will enable patients to be ventilated safely during their surgeries and post-operative period.

Workshop Announcements

We are pleased to announce that our next bootcamps (a.k.a. workshops) will be held February 26, 2011:

Heart Power I Bootcamp 9 a.m. — 12:30 p.m.


DreamsWork I Bootcamp 1 — 4 p.m.

These workshops will be filmed. Register on our Workshops page.

Location: TBA

Bootcamp — A Very Special Day

Our inaugural bootcamp was a very special day for KBNF as we embarked on reaching out to give a gift to our KBNF friends and supporters . . . giving back with gratitude. So often we can focus solely on OUR project needs and when we give back, blessings abound in all directions. So you blessed us . . . and those that have joined us as members and volunteers, a big thank you!

HEART POWER Bootcamp A Success

The HEART POWER Bootcamp, sponsored by KBNF, was a joy to share.  Many thanks to those who joined us for the Saturday morning presentation.  It is my sincere hope that the 4 Heart Power Concepts leads all to ‘Extreme Living and Achieving.’  If you are interested in UNCOMMON LIVING, join us for one of the next bootcamps, Dreamswork or Heart Power.

Heart Power participants’ responses:

“You organized such a wonderful seminar, and thank you so much for having me. Once the next one is around I will most definitely have to bring more students, for hearing this information can enrich their lives and futures.” Ash Shamsian, President of KBNC UBC.

“I would like to thank you for enlightening us with your caring ways, looking forwarded to learning and experiencing more.  Hope to see you soon.”

“Let me add my sincere gratitude. I really, really enjoyed the seminar. It crystallized many things in my head and put thoughts into words. Can’t wait for the next one… I’d like to bring some friends along next time.”

“Thanks for the presentation yesterday. Danny, you are always inspiring and I think if we had the time there is so much more you could have shared.”

Seth’s Health Update – January 21, 2011

Dear friends,

Three and half months have passed by since I was shot in the thigh by armed robbers. I am ever so thankful to the Lord for being with me through the attack, for His peace that passes all understanding, for protecting Cecilia and Naakai from being brutalized, for healing and for grace for us to forgive those who invaded our privacy and tried to kill me after robbing us. We are thankful also to all of you for supporting us in prayer and with your encouraging visits, messages and gifts. I have received tender loving care from the doctors and other health-care staff. They have done a great job in their effort to restore the right limb that I thought I was going to lose on account of the extent of injury. The lead surgeon Dr. Abednego Addo encouraged me much when he said “my goal is to get you back walking normally”.

Each day indeed has brought positive changes in my health. The wounds have healed. I am flexing the knee now at 70 degrees active and almost 90 degrees passive. Pain associated with full extension has been dealt with. This means I am now able to put more weight on the limb, especially as I now have more power in the thigh muscles that suffered a degree of atrophy. Occasionally a few moments of depression but the Lord has kept my spirit and morale high through His Word and through the prayers and encouragement of many of you. The visit of Jim Thomas in December to celebrate Christmas with us was uplifting. So also was the visit of President John Evans Atta Mills and that of his wife and of so many from all walks of society. The President of World Vision International (WVI) Mr. Kevin Jenkins and his wife Helen, the Board Chair of WVI Roberto Oliviera and several other international friends called to encourage and support me. It is refreshing and healing to have so many friends around the world praying for me and helping in many ways.

Cecilia has almost recovered from the shock while busy combining chores in the home and care of me. She has done a great job looking after me and driving me daily to the hospital for physical therapy. I am deeply grateful to her. Naa Kai is also getting over the shock of seeing armed robbers in the house and witnessing the shooting of her Dad. She is so happy to see me back on my feet with the Zimmer frame.

For the first time since the event, I was able to worship at Faith Presbyterian. The members were elated to see me and joined to give thanks to the Lord for answer to their prayers.  Also, I have been back at my office to do light work to get me back to normal life. More and more, I am able to do things for myself, a good sign of healing and of the state of my health. With the computer and broadband facilities at home (thanks to an anonymous friend at World Vision), I am almost doing full time business via the Internet including e-mails and writing and editing of reports. I must be careful not to sit for too long to precipitate deep vein thrombosis. I am also watching my diet so I do not put on weight. I am taking natural cocoa drinks regularly. Aside from significantly reducing my cholesterol level and bringing it to normal levels, I am convinced that it contributed to the rapid healing of my wounds. So I encourage you to drink cocoa regularly — and without sugar or milk to have full benefit of its antioxidant properties.

Join Cecilia and I and the girls to praise to the Lord and give thanks to Him for what He has allowed and for the significant blessings already flowing from this incident. All who have been to visit us have left with a blessing of renewed faith in the Lord and have been challenged to follow Him. I have been asked by many who have heard the full story to document it. I am convinced already that the Lord would have us do this and so will get to do it trusting it will be an instrument of God’s blessing in the lives of many.

Let me once again thank all of you for expressing concern and for your acts of love in our lives. I am grateful to Marjorie Ratel of Vancouver Canada and Jim Thomas of Slidell USA who have been in touch regularly with us and have updated you all on developments here since October 06 2010.

We praise the Lord who allowed us to go through such tribulation to glorify His Holy Name.

We wish you all happy and blessed New Year

Seth Ayettey