Charity Fair & Garage Sale Video Clip

Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation held a Charity Fair & Garage Sale on October 16, 2010 in Surrey. This exciting and interactive fundraising event supported KBNF as they work to alleviate the suffering of those in Ghana and West Africa affected by diseases of the brain and spine.

Builders Without Borders Partnering with KBNF

KBNF is pleased to report that Builders Without Borders has agreed to partner with KBNF in the proposed refurbishing of the current KBTH neurosurgery department, 2nd floor of the Surgical Block. The unit is in serious need of upgrading and repairing to aid the safe care of patients, families and staff. Consequently, fundraising for architectural work, labour and materials begins in earnest. It is anticipated that upon eventual relocation to the new Emergency and Clinical Specialties Centre (upon completion), this nursing unit will be home to alternative medical service.

KBTH Equipment Maintenance and Repair Support a KBNF Top Priority

Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital Biomedical Engineering team awaits training and mentoring visit support from KBNF Biomedical Resource Team led by Engineer Anders Engstrom, Lions Gate Hospital. Anders is prepared to take a leave of absence from VCH, to give quality time to KBTH’s needs. KBTH will provide lodging and provisions during his stay. Ongoing expertise via IT communication as well as leading a volunteer team on regular visits is expected.

As you can imagine, hospital equipment requires expert maintenance and repair in order to be available for consistent use by doctors and staff. Without this resource, patients are left at risk and physicians cannot perform their often life saving duties with any measure of confidence. Equipment must have optimal performance in order to ensure sustainability for the hospital for years to come. Sadly, this is currently not the case. KBTH CEO Nii Otu Nartey has asked KBNF to fill this critical need. Fundraising for Anders and his team along with a biomedical repair kit is a top priority. A gift for this cause would enable Anders to intervene immediately.

Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital Update

Rev. Prof. Seth Ayettey, KBTH Management Board Chair reports: “Progress has been made in terms of including the Neuroscience project in the Phase 1B on the New Emergency and Clinical Specialties Centre project to be undertaken with funds from a loan provided by an Arabic funding consortium. Parliament will have to approve this first and then we shall go through the procurement process to select a Consultant…The work done by Don and Kaien and Lynn [KBNF PMG] has been a major reference document of the Ministry of Health in discussions with business groups interested in the Korle Bu project and other health development projects.”

Remaining phases of the Centre are currently in discussion with potential funding agents.

Recap of February 26 Workshops

Korle-Bu Workshop PhotoOn a cold and blustery February, (Saturday the 26th), it was warm inside the Theater Auditorium for the HEART POWER and DREAMSWORK Academy Workshops.  The Heart Power Sessions included 4 Ancient Heart Power Concepts that can revolutionize any person, organisation, or business today.  Amazing as it is, 2 and 3,000-year-old concepts are still relevant and life changing today.

Daring to Dream is an exciting phrase.  This was our theme in the afternoon workshops as participants from many countries and ethnic backgrounds worked together on their dreams.  The most excitement was hearing some of those dreams shared at the close of the session.  Through the day, new friendships were formed and new dreams and concepts established.

Finally, whoever thinks food isn’t important has not attended an enjoyable day of workshops.  Marj provided a waffle lunch with great fruit toppings and whipping cream and desserts galore.  Let it snow as it did.  We had a great day!