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The Langley Times featured an article on KBNF’s work in Liberia to help the Liberian Medical System defeat the Ebola Crisis and rebuild. We’ve been working with Dr. Francis Kateh since 2014, and have sent over six containers of medical supplies, beds and humanitarian aid to Liberia. Click the link below to read it online.

Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation was in the Langley Times! Read the article online.

Donate To Help Liberia

Six containers have gone to Liberia to help solve their medical crisis and there are more to go. A donation to KBNF helps get these desperately needed beds, medical supplies and aid directly where they’re needed most.

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You may notice the Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation website is being revamped. We’re working the skin off our fingers to get this overhaul done in a goodly amount of time, thanks to the Communication Committee and the girls at Vraeyda Media.

And yes, sideways pictures will be straightened! With a ruler! And a level! And a prayer.

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Container Shipment #3 arrived in Tappita!

KBNF friends and family, container #3 has been unloaded, safe and sound, in Liberia!
Our “love in a can” project of a 1,000 beds, medical supplies and equipment is well on its way to realization, as more and more donations continue to come in from across the country.
We loaded container #6 last week in Victoria and an Alberta couple drove out from Red Deer with a truck packed with hospital supplies from their local hospital. There they were, loading a container on their vacation. Healing is oozing out of these containers. It has too! So much love is being packed into it. Hospital staff, administrators, biomedical engineers, hotel and linen industry, delivery services, churches, on and on, I could go. Retirees (totally NOT retired from active duty!) join together week after week, day after day, preparing shipments for humanity.
As container #3 was unloaded, I received a phone call from Dr. Francis Kateh, Deputy Minister of Health and Dr. Ben Kolee, CMO, Jackson F. Doe Hospital, expressing their excitement as they were unloading our container. It brings such enthusiasm to all of our teams to know how much these contents are bringing hope and help.IMG_1131

Thanks Marj; my staff is very enthusiastic and grateful. We feel so blessed to have you in this partnership. This is one reason Jackson Doe Memorial Hospital continues to provide quality medical care in a huge ocean of broken health infrastructure; we are very grateful to you all.

Warm regards,

Sincerely yours.

Dr. Ben Kolee
Chief Medical Officer


Dr. Francis Kateh, KBNF Partner, Appointed Deputy Minister of Health & Chief Medical Officer of Liberia


President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has appointed Dr. Francis Kateh Deputy Minister of Health and Chief Medical Officer for Liberia.

MONROVIA 4.10.14 004Join KBNF as we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Francis Kateh, as he has accepted the position of Deputy Minister of Health and Chief Medical Officer for Liberia. Not a position for the faint at heart, especially in the aftermath of the nationally grave Ebola crisis, Francis has a unique opportunity to have a key leadership role in rebuilding the entire Liberian health care system.
Francis deeply cares for his people. Heart Power! at its finest. Dr. Kolee writes: “We are very elated by this and hope that he will exert leadership that will affect the entire country.”
TAPPITA 8.4.14 063As the Ebola crisis winds down, the established community centres are expected to remain open to support patient care. Dr. Kateh reports that he is earmarking which clinics and hospitals around the country will receive KBNF containers filled to the gills with donated hospital beds, equipment and medical supplies. He believes that these containers will transform these vulnerable centres and bring hope and healing to a hurting nation.
His gratitude is palpable. He is anxious to return to Canada and share the stories and photos of the impact our container shipments are making in Liberia. We’ll keep you posted.