Celebrating the Life of James Yanzu Ackah

James Yanzu Ackah 1946 – 2015
KBNF Celebrating the life of James Ackah

Dear KBNF family and friends,

Life is precious and ever so much more when a dear member of our family departs.

With sadness, we have learned that James Ackah, a longtime resident of Vancouver and cherished member of the Ghanaian community, passed away unexpectedly on December 27, 2015.


James has been a stalwart supporter of KBNF since our first meeting, going back well over a decade.

His desire to support his homeland and the people of West Africa was unswerving.

Each year we could count on James and Beatrice and family actively supporting KBNF while faithfully attending various events, including our Walk for the Bu. Brenda Macleod recalls what a blessing he and his wife were. Walking the track 5 Kilometers in support of KBNF was wholly embraced, come rain or shine.

Walk for the Bu, where James was a constant supporter.

His wife and family write:

“Our beloved husband, father, son, brother, uncle, and friend passed away on December 27, 2015.

The funeral service for James will take place on January 15th at 10:30 am at St. Andrew’s Roman Catholic Church located at 480 East 47th Avenue in Vancouver, BC. An evening prayer service will be held at the same location on January 14th at 8 pm.

We thank you for your prayers and support. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to the Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation (link: KBNF) and the Union Gospel Mission in Vancouver.”

Beatrice, Evelyn and Audrey Ackah

Beatrice, Evelyn, and family, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time. Loss of a loved one is the most difficult part of life to live. It requires courage and the assurance that while we might not understand the timing, we do know that he is basking in the presence of His Lord.

May you be comforted by knowing that his life and memories are dearly embraced and the legacy that James has built will continue to bestow blessings upon his family, his friends, and his native and present homeland for years to come.

On behalf of the KBNF Board of Directors, family, and friends,


KBNF in Local Langley News

Hello, Friends!

The Langley Times featured an article on KBNF’s work in Liberia to help the Liberian Medical System defeat the Ebola Crisis and rebuild. We’ve been working with Dr. Francis Kateh since 2014, and have sent over six containers of medical supplies, beds and humanitarian aid to Liberia. Click the link below to read it online.

Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation was in the Langley Times! Read the article online.

Donate To Help Liberia

Six containers have gone to Liberia to help solve their medical crisis and there are more to go. A donation to KBNF helps get these desperately needed beds, medical supplies and aid directly where they’re needed most.

Marj Celebrates Danny Moe’s Manic Monday!

Monday has been a full day for Danny, as he taught 80 care aide students Heart Power! Tonight he is speaking at the local church, the first of two nights teaching Heart Power!

I met with nurses and patients and had insightful discussions. One area that I observed we can improve is in hand washing. There is one sink at the end of a corridor between the patient ward rooms, and we need to place hand sanitizer pumps in strategic locations between every room to cut down on the potential for cross contamination of germs. The nursing staff is very eager to embrace each of the ideas presented.

Muffins! Faustina has a delightful store at the front of the hospital. 7,000 patients are processed through their hospital monthly and many find their way into her shop. So I got a bright idea! Why not sell come Canadian baking, like Marj’s muffins? All the staples needed for the muffins are right there in Techiman, especially cashews, which are indigenous to the region. So this week, one of my goals is to locate muffin tins and make batches of muffins for the staff. If they are enjoyed, then we are in business! We’ll start small and go from there. Next on that agenda will be quality loaves of bread, then unique cookies. . . if you would like to send a favorite recipe, pleased do and I’ll keep you posted!

Marj’s Talks About Mt. Olives Hospital

The Mt. Olives Hospital boasts two completed apartments and another bedroom / bathroom. So much effort is in evidence, as Faustina prepared our fully furnished apartment so comfortably. Everything is brand new. A housekeeper, Mary, has been specially chosen to serve our needs. We are already enjoying superb hospitality by our hosts and staff.

Our first Sunday in Techiman was spent at The Church of Pentecost in the city. Danny preached on Second Start / Second Chance, a new seminar of encouragement for those that may feel that life is passing them by. Each household was given a handout with 10 Commandments for Reigning in Life. The expert interpreter, Steve, a minister from another church, was a tremendous blessing as he spoke in the Ashanti dialect.

Our collaborative approach for the seminar week ahead was the evening focus. Many from the region have been invited to Mt. Olives for the upcoming Heart Power! Sessions, as well as Second Start / Second Chance and our Neuro — Stroke Days. Danny will be speaking three times a day. I just hope his voice holds out! He’s up for the challenge, requesting to be kept busy. So we took him at his word! We are trusting that this can be the beginning of culture transformation for Ghana. We have to begin somewhere, so why not the central region of the country?