Marj’s Talks About Mt. Olives Hospital

The Mt. Olives Hospital boasts two completed apartments and another bedroom / bathroom. So much effort is in evidence, as Faustina prepared our fully furnished apartment so comfortably. Everything is brand new. A housekeeper, Mary, has been specially chosen to serve our needs. We are already enjoying superb hospitality by our hosts and staff.

Our first Sunday in Techiman was spent at The Church of Pentecost in the city. Danny preached on Second Start / Second Chance, a new seminar of encouragement for those that may feel that life is passing them by. Each household was given a handout with 10 Commandments for Reigning in Life. The expert interpreter, Steve, a minister from another church, was a tremendous blessing as he spoke in the Ashanti dialect.

Our collaborative approach for the seminar week ahead was the evening focus. Many from the region have been invited to Mt. Olives for the upcoming Heart Power! Sessions, as well as Second Start / Second Chance and our Neuro — Stroke Days. Danny will be speaking three times a day. I just hope his voice holds out! He’s up for the challenge, requesting to be kept busy. So we took him at his word! We are trusting that this can be the beginning of culture transformation for Ghana. We have to begin somewhere, so why not the central region of the country?

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