KBNF Mission Trip – Neuroscience Conference

On our recent mission trip, we conducted our second neuroscience conference for doctors, nurses and others in Ghana at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital. It was well received and well attended. I also taught in Liberia and Ghana on neurovital sign assessment and caring for the unconscious patient. They have requested materials for these presentations and the others from the team. So we will be filming my presentations and sending copies over for the attendees. Jocelyne has been compiling the other materials from our wonderful speakers for another DVD to be handed out. I taught at their Military Hospital and realized that they truly need our hands on direction in order to make sustainable advances. Once they have confidence in a skill they are eager to perform it, but it takes a lot of encouragement to get them to that confidence. This is an area Brenda and I are gifted in and I believe can effect change. It will save lives. No doubt.

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