An Update On Seth Ayettey

Dear friends and family,

Jim has kept me updated on your responses to the trauma we faced on October 6th from the attack of armed robbers. Cecilia and the girls are so thankful first to the Lord and then to all of you His lovely instruments that have also been channels of His amazing love to us. We have been used to ministering to others and their needs. We never expected that October 6th will change our life and place us in a position to be refreshed by so many saints. What happened to us has already been used by the Lord to let us know how deeply and sweetly we are loved by so many around the globe. Some of you we have never even met. You just spontaneously responded to our needs as for brothers and sisters in Christ. We thank you all very much. Broken doors have been replaced, security has been strengthened on the recommendations of the Ghana Police, we have installed a battery invertor to ensure continuous supply of electrical power when the main power is interrupted; we also have an air-conditioner in the area I sleep for comfort. I also have a brand new computer with modern features to enable fast communication and with full internet service for a year as a gift from anonymous friends at World Vision. Many of you have also responded to our special request for funds to build the school for the children at Shiashie so they develop their God-given talents. Our personal needs have been met abundantly — including those for my medical care. Friends in Ghana including the President and his wife and members of Faith Presbyterian Church (where I minister) have shown much love. My professional colleagues have looked after me like a ‘king’ and given me their best. They kept me at the ward reserved for the President of the country. Prayers continue to be offered world-wide and letters and well wishes cards continue to come our way. All these have been God’s blessing in the healing process for which Cecilia and I are deeply grateful.

We are close to 3 months since the attack and injury. The Lord has been good to me. I have made significant progress. All wounds have healed and the plaster cast is off. The limb is free for me to continue flexion exercises. I am at 70 degrees and working towards 90. Weight bearing will begin in a week. Pray that this will be successful so I can get back to walking soon.The knee had been quite swollen but this is getting better. I look forward to the day that I shall return to ministry at the Church and also to return to teaching at the Medical School. I miss the students.

May the Lord use what He has allowed in my life to bless many beyond what we can expect.

We thank you all again so much. We love you all deeply and are praying for you for a joyful celebration of Christmas and the peace of the Lord through 2011. Jim Thomas is here visiting and to keep me company. He will join the Prison Ministry team this Saturday to celebrate Christmas with inmates and officers. This will be the first time I shall miss Christmas celebrations in the prisons since this begun in 1995.

Seth and Cecilia

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